George k. gibson

I am an independent songwriter from Northern California who writes in the Americana style. My goal is to write songs that "tell stories" set to music with memorable "hooks" and melodies. One of the biggest compliments I enjoy receiving is when a listener tells me "...I just can't get your new song out of my head..."


My passion for music, and songwriting in particular, was re-ignited in 2017 after being told by my doctor that I may permanently lose the use of my voice. I remember that my first reaction was that I wanted my family to always be able to remember my voice, so out of an abundance of caution, I thought about writing and recording a few original songs to tell them how much they meant to me. Since that moment (and aided by successful vocal cord surgery), I have really poured myself into songwriting (and performing again) and have enjoyed the ride.


In 2018, for example, I joined a local chapter of West Coast Songwriters and have been thrilled to have won five (5) "Song of the Month" and "Performance of the Month" awards.  I also attended Rodney Crowell's terrific Songwriting Retreat in 2018 in Carmel, CA and was honored to be one of the singer/songwriters asked to perform at its finale concert as selected by Rodney Crowell, Bernie Taupin, Joe Henry, Lisa Loeb, Joe Robinson, Brennen Leigh, Don Peake, and Allen Shamblin, among others.


I want to thank my very supportive family and group of friends who have encouraged me to follow my passion for songwriting at this time of my life. I also want to thank my music producer, Matt Young at Press Recording Studio,  along with the many, many talented singers and musicians who have helped me bring my original music to life.


Finally, I do hope you enjoy my original music- and please know, God willing,  more is on the way.


Thank you,


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